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Baby massage has a reputation. You may have even heard of it way before you actually had a baby, your next door neighbour raved about how it helped her baby with his colic, your sister in law swore it helped her baby sleep better. Even health visitors and midwives advise new mums to find their local baby massage classes. But why? What actually are the benefits of baby massage? Well, I will tell you. Or I will try, if I told you EVERY SINGLE benefit this would be a very very long post. But I’ll let you know 5 main benefits for baby, and 5 benefits for you of attending a BabyMoga Baby Massage course

5 Benefits for Baby 

1. Sleep ♥

Baby massage can help baby relax, so get to sleep easier and can induce a deeper more rested sleep. Its also nice to incorporate as part of the bedtime routine, by doing the same thing each night little one learns when its time to shut off and go to dreamland.

2. Ease colic and wind ♥

Practising massage every day will help ease colic symptoms. It’s believed that colic (baby being very unsettled and crying for periods of time) is usually to do with tummy upset such as trapped wind. By massaging baby on their tummy will help get things moving inside. When massage helps your baby relax on the outside their internal organs will relax too, so if they have cramping or a tummy ache it will help. If the colic is caused by something else such as over-simulation or over tiredness massage will also relieve these symptoms.

3.  Physical benefits ♥

Massage improves the parts of the nervous system that regulate baby’s internal organs. It helps the circulatory system, Digestion, the immune system, Lymphatic system, nervous system, vestibule system and respiratory system but to name a few! Therefore massage can aid neurological and physical development. There is proven science behind it.

4 . Communication ♥

It communicates to baby just how much you love them. You are the centre of their whole world, and just by feeding them and bathing them and chatting to them of course they feel loved every day – but this is something extra, something special for you and them to do that feels lovely and your warm loving touch is another way to really make them feel loved. Look into their eyes, smile and laugh and give them your undivided attention. You are teaching them what love is.

5. Helps brains to grow ♥

Physical contact (being held, touched and carried) helps your baby’s brain continue to grow and develop after birth. The neural pathways in the brain develop the more you interact with your baby, massage actually has a biological effect on your baby.

5 Benefits for you


♥1 Both you and baby will release the hormone oxytocin, nicknamed the love hormone it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and you will develop a deep bond and attachment with your baby.

♥2 Time to switch off your phone, forget about the washing and be in the moment. Practice mindfulness just you and your baby. Really look at your baby and marvel at how you created such a beautiful little thing.

♥3 You have the chance to ask questions, if I don’t know the answer I’m likely to know someone who does, and I will endeavour to find out for you. You will meet new mums with babies of similar ages in class and you can chat and learn together.

♥4 You can become more confident in the handling and reading of the signals you baby  gives you. For example when they are enjoying the massage they may make certain noises or faces – you can learn to communicate with one and other.

♥5 You will find yourself less stressed and more in tune with your baby. You can also show your baby’s Daddy or siblings how to do the massage strokes so they can bond and take time with baby .

Oh, and ….Tea or coffee. Made for you. And you might even get to drink it hot (maybe)

The courses are taught over 5 weeks – each week covering a different body part – take a look at my Booking page to see when the next course is starting, or get in touch if you’d like some more details

Ffion x