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BabyMoga Baby Yoga classes are suitable for babies 12 weeks – approx. 9/10 months. So what should you expect from a 5 week course? Read on to find out more…

Why do Baby Yoga?..

The benefits of Baby Yoga mirror the benefits of Baby Massage. Your little one will love the closeness and the touching, stroking and movements that we do. They will love having your full attention for the duration of the class.

I always encourage mums to kiss, hug, smile and connect to their babies throughout and let them know how they are the centre of your world – as you are to them.

The baby yoga moves we do have both physical and mental benefits – for baby and Mum.

It gets the endorphins and oxytocin flowing, which is important for bonding and attachment and maintaining a trusting parent and child relationship. It’s a nice calming atmosphere, for mums to get together too – relax and leave stress and worries at the door and you even get a cup of tea and a biscuit! (#win)

Physically it can help your baby with:

  • co-ordination and balance
  • promote body awareness.
  • It gets baby to really think about what they can do with their body… and enjoy doing it.
  • It can help them if they get painful trapped wind, or suffer with constipation. Bringing their knees to their tummy can encourage wind bubbles out (expect trumping!)
  • It may even help your baby to sleep better. By doing some baby exercise for the body and mind can promote a more restful, deeper sleep as their brains process their new exciting experiences.

Why I incorporate some sensory play..

In the pre and post natal Yoga classes (for mums) I teach I like to include a visualisation or meditation.

I wanted to include this in the Baby Yoga classes too. So the classes now include some baby sensory. (Apparently asking the babies to visualise a relaxing scene wasn’t going to work….so I needed to think outside of the box!!)

Each week babies will get different visual stimulation to capture their imagination,and get them smiling.

We then have a relaxation at then end. Joint relaxation with your baby is important. By just taking a couple of minutes a day to slow your breathing, hold your baby close and being thankful that they are happy and healthy is a fantastic way to release tension, let go of stresses and strains and energise and invigorate your mind, body and soul. Your baby will like to experience you being completely calm and at peace. I usually encourage mums to whisper something lovely into baby’s ear – as the way in which we speak to our children becomes their inner voice.

We always finish with some bubbles, and like I mentioned a cup of tea….perfect ♥

Does that sound like something you’d like to try?..

Classes are running on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the moment, get in contact if you want to find out more and when the next course starts. Or book here

Ffion xx