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Either use this form or my number is 07528135100

My Email is Ffion@babymoga.co.uk

I’m based at Beechwood Park & House, Christchurch Rd, Newport NP19 8AJ

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Where are you based?

Currently I run classes in the community room at the basement of Beechwood House in Newport. There is a baby friendly cafe close by which looks over the beautiful green Park, which on a lovely day is gorgeous to look at and has a lovely tranquil feel.

Classes won’t be disturbed or rushed and is clean and there is space to park your pram inside.

The address is: Beechwood Park & House, Christchurch Road, Newport, South Wales NP19 8AJ

Why do I need to book a 4 week block?

For a few different reasons
•So you are guaranteed a space each week -numbers are limited for each class.
•So I know who’s coming
•For you  (and baby) to get the most benefit. Massage is taught in a way where you lean a different body part each week for a full body massage. Yoga has to practised regularly for you to feel the benefit, there’s little point in doing it once only, by committing to 4 weeks you will get the benefits

Should I practice at home? How much is too much?

Oh 100% definitely. Practice both massage and yoga everyday if you like, as long as it feels good, make time for yourself.

Do I need any experience of yoga to sign up to your yoga classes?

No, not a all. I welcome complete beginners. I run very gentle classes that everyone can do. Please message me if you have any reservations at all.

When can I take part in pre natal (pregnancy) yoga?

From your 12th week of pregnancy confirmed by a health care professional- so usually after your first dating scan. Also just check with your midwife or GP that they are happy for you to take part. Please let me know in advance if there is anything you think I should know about your pregnancy. As long as you midwfe agrees you can practice yoga as close to your due date as you like, it is completely safe to do so (as long as you want to!)

When can baby start baby massage?

Classes are suitable from newborn, as long as OK’d by your health visitor. Some mums chose to wait for their baby to ‘wake up’ a little from their sleepy new born slumber in the early weeks, and if you had a c-section of recommend waiting 6 weeks as we will be sat on the floor. But it’s really up to you when you start -when you feel ready.

And baby yoga?
Baby Yoga is suitable from 12 weeks until about 12 months old  (pre-walking)

And post natal yoga?
Wait until your 6 week check before you try any post natal exercise. Classes are VERY gentle and concentrate on breathing and healing, they are suitable for mums with babes pre crawling.